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Japan is an arc-shaped archipelago that streches a long way
from northeast to southwest. 
The four islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu are 
the main islands making up the archipelago, and, if the
southwestern islands centered around Okinawa are included,
the length of the archipelago comes to 3,500 km.

Fukuoka City is located in Kyushu island. The city is the 
cultural and business center of Kyushu Area with more than 
million inhabitants. For more information about Fukuoka City,
see the following Web site:

Climate of Fukuoka

October is generally mild and bracing with less rain. The mean
temperature of October is about 19 degrees centigrade. Althogh
you can stay wearing clothes with short sleeves in the daytime,
in order to adapt to the climates changing at night you had better 
bring a long sleeve jacket.

Climate of Volcano "Aso"

We are planning an excursion to volcano "Aso" located in Kumamoto
prefecture which is 100km southern to Fukuoka. The highest peak in 
the outer mountain of Aso is at 936 meters above sea level. 
The mean temparature of October is about 11 degrees centigrade. 
 (The highest temparature 20 degrees centigrade/ the lowest 
  temparature 1 degree centigrade)
You had better prepare a thick clothes since the temparature in
Aso is apt to change. Moreover you might as well wear casual shoes
which is easy to walk, though moutaineering boots are not necessary.

aso aso aso

Access to Fukuoka

Fukuoka has many convenient flight and train connections between 
other main cities in Japan. For example, the Fukuoka airport has 
more than 40 flights per day between Tokyo, and has many international 
connections which link with neighboring Asian countries. Also we have 
a very fast train connection, called shinkansen, to Osaka, Kyoto and 
Tokyo etc. 

Conference Site

The conference SCAN2004 will be held at the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel
which is located just at the center of Fukuoka city. 

 By subway: 
  Get off the train at Tenjin Station and go to the ground from EXIT 2. 
  Turn left and cross the intersection, then you will find the hotel.

 By taxi:
  Print the following JPG file in advance and show it to the driver.
   (The Japanese in this file means "Please go to the Nishitetsu Grand hotel".)

Entry Visa

All participants from abroad need a valid passport. Note that some 
participants also need an entry visa. For particular details, please 
refer to the following web site:

If you need an invitation letter to attend the conference, please make 
contact with the conference office with 
your title of presentation. This means that the conference office does not
issue the invitation letter or any other documents for entry visa except 
for the participants with presentation at SCAN2004. It also should be noted
that the issue of invitation letter does NOT assure the financial support,
so the letter should be used only for the procedure to attend SCAN2004.


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