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ActionClosing Date
Submission of AbstractApril 15, 2004
Notification of AcceptanceJune 1, 2004
Early RegistrationJuly 31, 2004
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ActionClosing Date
Early RegistrationJuly 31, 2004

++ Program of conference (2nd version: 8 Sep. 2004) ++

Information for Web Browser: The following files are displayed correctly on the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7, but some special notations such as umlaut in German may not be displayed on OTHER or OLD web browsers. If your web browser does not work well then click here, in which all special notations are displayed as JPEG images. Outline Oct. 4 Mon. Oct. 5 Tue. Oct. 6 Wed. Oct. 7 Thu. Oct. 8 Fri. List of Authors Available tools for Speakers:
We will prepare PC projector and overhead projector in each conference room. Speakers can use them for their presentations. We will also be setting a PC with Microsoft Windows XP operating system in which some softwares for presentation are installed, for example Microsoft PowerPoint with MathType and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Speakers are able to make use of this PC for their talks instead of using their own computer.